Monday, 25 May 2009

a quick tour

June 2004

June 2007

Well here we go! yet another garden blog [google: garden blogs returns 64,400,000 results] but this one will be different! No of course it won't, but it will be mine and more importantly, about my little bit of earth. I thought it best to start with a quick tour of the garden and introduction to how I see the blog developing (some rules for me) - however, like the garden, the blog rules may change!

So to that little bit of earth. It is situated in the Cambridgeshire fens, a town garden, long and narrow behind a 1930s semi. It has many roles to fulfill for those who use it. A place to relax, a place to play, a place to entertain and also a place to grow and learn.

Despite being a garden since the 1930s it was basically a blank canvas when I moved here in 2004. In the five years since, we've concentrated on giving the garden shape and purpose which can be summed up as, a main patio area for entertaining and dining with a small secluded patio further up the garden. The first half of the garden is mainly lawn surrounded by flower beds. This leads to a smaller (hidden) lawn and from there to the fruit and vegetable garden. We'll revisit these different areas in future posts.

While I hope to keep the blog on topic I will from time to time add comment on my experiences of gardening in general. Posts will be as frequent or infrequent as is practical.



  1. this has been a wonderful tour-thanks for sharing!your garden looks great.

  2. oh my! what an amazing and beautiful transformation of your space. so beautiful! i will definitely follow your progress..:)

  3. Thanks Sue and Cat for your comments. The transformation continues and will hopefully never end. Lots of jobs planned but nothing urgent!

  4. Wonderful garden! Looks beautiful.